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Response to Music Education and Technology

Owen Bradley’s article seems to be an eye opener for educators.  Incorporating education in the class is an aid and a nuisance.  He offers great advice for educators of all sorts and gives some insightful experiences he has had.

He forewarns us that “to proceed in the world of technology very carefully!  It seems that in today’s world of technology that is out of date as fast as it’s released.”  It is important to resist the temptation.  It is a note that is worth re-mentioning in my article because it is true!  I remember my family buying our first computer in 1999- a Gateway computer.  It was the coolest thing on the block, yet when we I went to my cousin’s house the next year, his computer was half the size and ran faster.  Be careful when you buy technology.  It is the best at the moment, but a month or so later it will be all but obsolete.

“It is way too easy to try tot incorporate too much technology at one time.  The best rule of thumb about technology is that it is only relevant to you ifpicture1.jpgit helps you educate.”  Bradley’s point he makes here puts the student first.  Sure it would be awesome to have all sorts of MIDI technology and an array of Music Software that helps you, but does it help the student?  Picking one aspect of technology to augment either public relations or the overall education facet allows the user to adjust and accept the new technology.  Having a website strictly for communication, as Bradley uses and my high school I graduated from, utilizes this technology and has proven to be beneficial for everyone.

Whenever I get my own band or music class, I will be sure to utilize one piece of technology at a time and use it to the fullest.  We have to stop and think of what we are trying to accomplish.  It all boils down to one question educators must ask themselves one thing when dealing with technology: is it going to help or hinder my class?

Click here to read Owen Bradley’s article on Music Ed and Technology at

Click here to read about technology in the classroom by Vicki Davis

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